Anti-DDoS Hosting

Our Anti-DDoS hosting offers DDoS protection over 1.6 Tbit and included on a highly scalable server in our datacenter in Romania, where we have native Datacenter protection for our websites.

Available for sites with high traffic or for sites with a high number of constant attacks.

Anti-DDoS Linux Hosting I


Per Month

25GB NVMe Storage


2GB RAM Memory

Unmetered Traffic

WAF Firewall

Free SSL

Anti-DDoS Linux Hosting II


Per Month

50GB NVMe Storage


8GB RAM Memory

Unmetered Traffic

WAF Firewall

Free SSL

We are experts in hacker protection, you will also have our native WAF available to protect you from hacker attacks.

Guaranteed Network

Be assured of keeping your services online at all times with our cPanel-based hosting and reliable network protection

Always Online

You will be able to host your content and be
free of downtimes on our servers.

Don’t know how to
use this service?

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help you as you need, you can check our
Youtube Videos or go to our Knowledge base if you want to

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