Reduce costs, keep your network secure, and boost your business reputation.

Eliminate unwanted email (spam) and viruses

Keep your network free from unwanted email, viruses, ransomware and phishing attempts. Introduce our security solutions with outgoing and incoming email filtering, and protect your users, employees and IPs from countless email dangers!

Get backups of your emails

The loss of emails with business information is tragic and should be avoided. Introduce email archiving, an essential tool for preserving and backing up, keeping you in legal compliance!

Reduce costs

Protect your network with our highly competitive joint licenses at a fraction of the competitive price. Enjoy the Lowest Price Guarantee compared to other professional email security solutions of the same quality level as SpamExperts. Contact our team directly for a personalized quote.

Cloud solution

SpamExperts cloud gateway solution will solve your email security issues and ensure email continuity. Messages are filtered and archived in local cloud software and deployed directly to Impreza’s network or SpamExperts cloud hosting, which includes multiple data centers.

Total and simple control

Get complete, easy-to-use control. With SpamExperts and Impreza you get simple, fast and convenient management. With our exclusive dashboard, in just a few clicks you have control of your entire email history.

Quick set up

If you are already a customer of Impreza, rest assured that all configuration is made by us! Just hire and wait for everything to be set up and you still get our training to take care of everything on your own.

Choose the best plan for you



Per month

SpamExperts Inbound Filter offers full inbox protection against spam, viruses and malware with the help of advanced algorithms and spam pattern detection methods.



Per month

Outbound email filtering prevents IPs from being blacklisted as a result of spam being inadvertently sent through a compromised account, offering full network protection and IP reputation.



Per month

SpamExperts inbound and outbound filtering offers total protection against spam, viruses and malware and prevents IPs from being blacklisted, offering total protection for network and IP reputation.



Per month

The complete email security suite offers inbox and outbound protection, along with archiving to ensure you never miss another email. Get the highest level of network and IP reputation protection and ensure integrity and continuity for sending and receiving e-mails.

Inbound Filter

According to statistics, employees spend an average of 30 minutes a day dealing with spam. Do the math: This gives 2 and a half hours a week. In 52 weeks you have 130 hours a year!

Divide for 8 hours of work and each of your employees will have spent 16.2 days a year dealing with spam.

Calculate the cost per employee who spends 16.2 days a year because of spam.

Not a little money!

Protect your network from spam, viruses, phishing and malware.

SpamExperts applies its own self-learning smart filtering technology to filter out all email messages and eliminate spam before it reaches your network.

Immediately detect new spam and malware outbreaks

The unprecedented spam information SpamExperts has comes from processing millions of emails every day. SpamExperts applies constant improvements to improve data analysis by detecting new patterns and identifying hazards instantly. Accumulated information is shared in real time with all SpamExperts customers.

Increased Email Availability

Using SpamExperts Inbound Filter creates additional redundancy and continuity of the email delivery process. When the destination server is unavailable, SpamExperts filtering systems queue messages for delivery when the server is available.

Outbound Filter

When companies are looking for email security solutions, inbound filters are most in demand, while outbound filters are undervalued.

Email is often sent directly to the recipient, and thanks to network vulnerabilities such as insecure wireless, viruses on users’ machines, or firewalls that allow any device to use sending SMTP, spam and malware can be sent from your network. .

Email filtering is crucial to the good reputation of businesses.

Avoid being added to a blacklist

Not being able to send email, dealing with user and customer support by being blacklisted is very costly. With SpamExperts push filter you never have to worry about the reputation of your IP addresses.

Protect your brand and don’t risk your reputation

When it comes to email security, SpamExperts ensures that it will always be part of the solution and never the problem, ensuring message integrity and a positive reputation.

Increase delivery and continuity of email communication

Ensuring that your network does not spam without your knowledge is very good for reputation. All it takes is a compromised account or user to destroy the reputation of their IP addresses and affect email communication for all users on the network. SpamExperts will protect the reputation of your email system.

Improve abuse management

Being added to a blacklist will cost you time and money to remove. It takes a lot of work finding and fixing accounts that are abusing your network. With SpamExperts push filter you will get clear reports that indicate which users/accounts need your attention and abusive accounts will be automatically blocked. Better safe than sorry!

Email Archiving

Backup and easy access to company data

As email is now a primary means of communication, it must be protected and easily obtained. Using archiving, emails are never lost!

Meets legal requirements

Emails should be treated the same as communication by post. Lack of filing can result in legal problems, severe fines and loss of lawsuits, not to mention reputation.

Improve your local system performance

Cloud email archiving eliminates the problems of local storage and overhead of local email infrastructures.

Simplified management with fast indexed search options

Secure, encrypted, compressed, individual or bulk email re-delivery are just a few of the features available to gain complete control over your business email.

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