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2 vCPU  |  2GB RAM  |  20GB Disk Space  |
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1 vCPU  |  1GB RAM  |  10GB Disk Space  |
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1 vCPU  |  1GB RAM  |  20GB Disk Space  |
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1 vCPU  |  1GB RAM  |  20GB Disk Space  |
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1 vCPU  |  1GB RAM  |  20GB Disk Space  |
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2 vCPU  |   2GB RAM  | 30GB Disk Space  | 
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2 vCPU  |  4GB RAM  |  40GB Disk Space  |
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2 vCPU  |  4GB RAM  |  60GB Disk Space  | 
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1 vCPU  |  1GB RAM  |  20GB Disk Space  |
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2 vCPU  |  2GB RAM  |  50GB Disk Space  |
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  • Linux Server with Full Root Access
  • cPanel/WHM Compatible
  • Ready-to-use Web Server
  • Ability to install and customize applications
  • Extreme Performance
  • State of the Art Datacenters
  • Redundant Power, HVAC & Fire-Detection Systems
  • Instant provisioning of Extra Storage
  • Ubuntu 18, 20
  • CentOS 7, 8
  • Debian 9, 10
  • FreeBSD 11, 12, 13
  • Open BSD
  • Fedora Server
  • PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 Support

You choose where

There are more than 7 countries you can choose for your Server, pick the best you want and start your business online, easy to do!

Power & Performance

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a virtualization infrastucture for the Linux kernel that turn it into a hypervisor, a program that allows multiple operating systemsn to share a single hardware host. With KVM, we offer VPS that is both powerful and easy to use, and by building our servers with state-of-the-art components, we unlick truly breakthrough speed.

Cloud Technology

Our KVM VPS is built on tried tested Cloud Technology to offer increased power, flexibility & control. You just can’t go wrong with our cutting-edge infrastructure backed by robust and scalable architecture.

Root Access

For advanced users, our enchanced cPanel control panel offers full access to CentOS, giving you complete control of your Server.

Instant Provisioning

Get your server up and running in seconds! Whereas most VPS solutions take hour or days to be activated, our  VPS servers are designed to be provisioned immediately. This way, your server is ready, right when you neet it.

Managed Services & Support

We offer world class support for issues pertaining to container boot, network, hardware, VPS deployment. We also offer support for setup and re-installation of VPS, Core OS updated and patches, reverse DNS setup and Initial installation and basic firewall setup.

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