Simple and Complete WordPress Website Solution

  • Advanced Anti-Malware & Firewall

  • Fully Managed Services

  • Automatic installation and updates

  • Automatic Daily Cloud Backup

From $18.77/month


Always Safe

Rest assured, with automatic backups by CodeGuard, daily malware scanning with SiteLock, and easy 3-step SSL installation.

Automatic Installation/Updates

Install your WordPress in just 1 click. Receive automatic updates whenever available and keep your site always safe!

Done for you

Stay focused on your development, leave the technical part to  us, perform much better with our WordPress hosting.



Per month

1 website

Supports 25.000 visits/mo

2 Cores


5GB storage

Sitelock Website Security for 100 pages/site

1GB Automated Cloud Backup

Unlimited Email Accounts



Per month

2 Websites

Supports 200.000 visits/mo

4 Cores


20GB Storage

Sitelock Website Security for 100 pages/site

5GB Automated Cloud Backup

Unlimited Email Accounts



Per month

3 Websites

Supports 300.000 visits/mo

6 Cores


40GB Storage

Sitelock Website Security for 500 pages/site

10GB Automated Cloud Backup

Unlimited Email Accounts



Per month

5 Websites

Supports 500.000 visits/mo

6 Cores


40GB Storage

Sitelock Website Security for 500 pages/site

25GB Automated Cloud Backup

Unlimited Email Accounts


Simple & Secure Management

With our control panel, you can manage all your WordPress installations, Emails, SSL Certificates and monitor your Core CPU and RAM usage.

Cloud Backup

Have an automatic backup of your site always available. It’s easy to keep recurring backups of your site with CodeGuard. Have a daily change monitor, 1-click restore, and make sure you always have a secure copy.

Your site monitored daily

Give your WordPress sites world-class protection with daily malware scans, FTP scans and vulnerability removal. Add a SiteLock badge to your sites to increase your customer trust!


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) / blogging platform that allows the creation of a website in PHP without the need to code. WordPress Hosting is a web hosting product that is optimized for WordPress, usually comes with WordPress pre-installed and also has a custom panel to manage the order. Our WordPress Hosting plans are hosted on the Cloud and are designed to deliver speed, optimized security, backups, scalability and automatic updates.

What is the difference between WordPress Hosting and other hosting plans?

WordPress Hosting provides your WordPress blogs / websites with a highly optimized environment to deliver maximum performance and security. Regular web hosting is a great all-rounder and can certainly host WordPress websites as well, but our dedicated WordPress Hosting is purpose-built on our hugely successful Cloud Hosting (on which our architects have fine-tuned the databases, densities and CDN) to deliver the best for your WordPress websites.

What are the benefits of WordPress Hosting?

If you own a website which receives medium-to-high traffic and has been seeing performance issues, you should consider our WordPress hosting on the Cloud, which will provide you with a rock-solid foundation to support high traffic. You should see an improvement in your website performance (including page load times) as soon as you shift to WordPress Hosting. In addition to this, we update your WordPress core automatically to give you a secure and hassle-free hosting experience.

Will WordPress be updated automatically?

Yes, our WordPress Hosting will automatically install all core WordPress updates for your WordPress blogs and websites.

Why do I need Codeguard with WordPress Hosting?

CodeGuard is an automatic website and database backup solution that monitors your websites and databases at regular intervals. Any change detected is notified directly to you. With Codeguard, you can restore your website and databases to a previous/older version. Check out all of our Codeguard Plans.

Why do I need Sitelock with my WordPress Hosting Plan?

SiteLock checks every aspect of your website presence on a daily basis to identify gaps and threats in the security of your website. From files on your web server to emails to search engine blacklists and spam filters, SiteLock identifies and fixes everything automatically. SiteLock works in the background to protect your website.

Is an upgrade possible on any of the WordPress Hosting Plans?

You can upgrade the number of CPU cores and RAM in your hosting plan from your WordPress Hosting panel, with a maximum limit of 8 Cores and 8 GB RAM on your order. Your WordPress Hosting plan, however, will not change. If you would like to move to a higher plan, free WordPress migration tools are available for you to shift.

Will I be able to add more websites to my existing plan in the future?

To add more websites, you will be required to migrate to a new WordPress Hosting plan.

Can I use an external email service with my WordPress Hosting plan?

Yes, you can use any external 3rd party email service with your WordPress Hosting plan. For a more advanced productivity solution, we recommend G Suite by Google Cloud.

Do WordPress Hosting Plans have a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, our WordPress Hosting plans do not have a money-back period. For a money-back guarantee, you can use the one-click WordPress installation option available with our Cloud Hosting product.

Do these WordPress Hosting packages support WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite support is not available with our WordPress Hosting Plans. If you need to install multiple WordPress websites, you can choose from 3 of the 4 WordPress Hosting plans above which will let you have separate WordPress instances for each website.

Can I access cPanel in my hosting plan?

No, cPanel access is not provided with any of the WordPress Hosting Plans.

Are SSL certificates included with the WordPress plans?

Yes. When you purchase a WordPress Hosting order, Free SSL powered by Let’s Encrypt, is automatically generated and installed for all domains associated with the package.

Is the use of an existing SSL certificate with my website possible?

An existing SSL certificate cannot be used. A CSR is required to be generated by the WordPress Hosting panel, after which a certificate will be issued that can be installed from the panel.

Do the WordPress Hosting plans include Email Hosting as well?

Yes, you get Email Hosting on all our WordPress Hosting plans through the WordPress Hosting admin panel- Webmail. For more advanced email solutions, you can either purchase G Suite or our Business Email solution.

Can I install plugins on my WordPress Hosting order?

Yes, you can install plugins on your WordPress Hosting order. We also include a few performance-enhancing plugins such as JetPack by default.