Issue on our Cloud Hosting servers (US)

This issue has been resolved. All services hosted on cloud hosting servers (US) are working fine. You should not face any issues while accessing the websites, cPanel or webmail interfaces.

We will continue monitoring the services for a few more hours to ensure that there are no further issues. You can connect with our support helpdesk if you require any further assistance.


We are currently facing issues with multiple Cloud Hosting Servers (US). This is affecting the website resolution as well as the webmail functionality. Our senior administrators are currently working

on this to resolve this at the earliest.

Affected Server


Problems logging into Impreza account

At this point our system is undergoing an upgrade, this should take 1-2 hours.

All services and products work normally except the login to the Impreza account.

Go back to this post for more updates.

Webmail login issues for Business, Economic and Enterprise email.

We were facing Login issues with our Business and Enterprise email services.

You might have encountered the error “Connection Error” OR “LGI-0003 Categories=ERROR Message=’Unknown problem:” while opening your account via the webmail interface.

You might also face intermittent Password pop-up issues while accessing your email account via the Email Client i.e. Outlook/Thunderbird, etc.

Update: The error encountered has been identified to be a result of a network failure and our Network team is now working towards the fix.

Update:  The Webmail login issue and Password pop-up issue for Email clients has been resolved. We would request you to verify the same on your end.

We shall continue monitoring the server for the next few hours.

Feel free to get back to our support team/helpdesk if you have any questions.

Please watch this thread for further updates.

Clients Area Update

At this moment we are updating various functions of our Customer Area.

While the upgrade is done, you will not be able to manage, contract or cancel orders.

Any problem please contact us through the chat.

Estimated refresh duration: 1 hour.

Maintenance on

Schedule/description of work

We are doing routine maintenance and will need to reboot the server in order to apply the changes. All services will be unavailable at the time of reboot.

Duration: 60 minutes