Clients Area Update

At this moment we are updating various functions of our Customer Area.

While the upgrade is done, you will not be able to manage, contract or cancel orders.

Any problem please contact us through the chat.

Estimated refresh duration: 1 hour.

Maintenance on

Schedule/description of work

We are doing routine maintenance and will need to reboot the server in order to apply the changes. All services will be unavailable at the time of reboot.

Duration: 60 minutes

Problems connecting to professional email

At that point we identified an abnormality in our input servers for: us1, us2, and us3.

This problem is related to the datacenter connection route in Provo.

You may encounter the error  “Connection Error” OR “LGI-0003 Categories=ERROR Message=’Unknown problem:” OR “504 Gateway Time-out” while opening their account via the webmail interface.

This error is limited to the webmail interface and accessing the account and sending/receiving emails via the Email client i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. is working as expected.

The webmail login issues has now been resolved. We would reqeust you to verify the same on your end.

We shall continue monitoring the server for the next few hours to ensure that there are no further problems.

Problem connecting to the internet in the help desk

On 07/11 we had a problem of connection to the internet in the call center, this made it impossible to answer through help desk and chat.

This did not affect active services, but activation of new orders during the day was not possible.

Pending requests are already in the activation queue, and this will normally occur during today’s day.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, chat service is working normally.

Donuts Registry Maintenance

Schedule/description of work

Donuts Registry has scheduled a maintenance on their production environment during which you will not be able to register, renew, transfer, manage or perform Whois look-ups for all TLDs under Donuts Registry.

Please note that domains which have already been registered and are functional (resolving to destination pages), will continue to function as normal.

Scheduled start time: Monday 20th October 2017 at 9:00 am GMT

Duration: 120 minutes