The greatest hosting experience

Our vision as a hosting provider is that you have the best experience no other provider can offer you.

There are more than 20 products, you do not need another provider!

From domain registration to dedicated server, at Impreza you can find all solutions on one platform. A robust platform serving thousands of customers around the world.

We are available on all continents, 24 hours a day, every day. We work with the largest range of data centers around the world, from west to east, you’ll always be close to us.

Domain Registration at the Lowest Price in the World!

Registering a domain with us is the right choice! We work with all registrars in the world, we partner and promote every day, our registration price is the lowest among all providers in the world. In addition to providing over 500 domain extensions, on our platform you can also purchase and offer premium domains.

Trusted Web Hosting and Reseller

Hosting Linux, Windows and Cloud Sites

Our shared hosting framework is robust, scalable and reliable. There are 5 datacenters spread across the United States, United Kingdom and India. With new servers running at 99.9% uptime, you have at your disposal the most powerful web hosting in the world. With protection against hacking, built-in antivirus, built-in CDN, isolation on account and Linux or Windows operating system.

We also provide cPanel-powered Cloud Hosting and 2X faster than shared hosting. In Cloud, you have unlimited storage, exclusive processing, and you can also add or remove processing and memory at any time.

Reseller Hosting Linux and Windows

Our hosting reseller is the perfect choice for hosting companies starting out in this business as well as for digital agencies offering website creation. With a reseller of Linux or Windows hosting, you can easily create new accounts, and get complete management of your customers. We even offer free WHMCS licenses, which is the world’s most widely used system for managing hosting clients, servers and any web services.

You still have the industry leading cPanel / WHM control panels for Linux and Plesk for Windows, with these panels you get simplified yet advanced management, you have full control of your client with a few clicks, this It is the best option to manage multiple hosting accounts at the same time.

VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Servers

Virtuozzo and KVM VPS Servers

Our Virtuozzo VPS servers are the preferred choice for those who want root access and a clean operating system, where you can build any web tool using SSH access securely and quickly, plus activation in under an hour.

VPS KVM servers are preferred when you need WHM / cPanel on a full cloud server. Get a really robust structure with a ready-to-use dashboard and root access so you can fully customize your server.

Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers

The best choice when you need absolute freedom is the Dedicated Server. We are one of the only companies in the world to offer immediate activation! In less than 1 hour, your dedicated server will be available for use. Get full control of individual hardware on our platform, building a virtual data center is fast, cost effective and high performing.

TWe also offer Cloud by DigitalOcean servers on our platform. With them, you can easily build your machine, choosing features, operating system and location, over 7 data centers to choose from, plus over 50 operating systems, you can create multiple servers with few clicks, remove them, or modify them all from one easy and simple to use dashboard on our exclusive platform.

Robust Email Solution

Email Marketing and Anti-Spam

We offer the complete solution in Email Marketing. With a complete dashboard, sending emails has never been easier. Millions of emails are sent to us every month, plus we offer an easy-to-use dashboard, we guarantee the exact setup so that all your emails reach your customers’ inboxes and you get all the necessary reports. to create great email campaigns!

But if you are looking for a good anti-spam, our solution is the most recommended in the world! With SpamExperts, you have full control of everything that goes into your email accounts, control of everything that goes out, and you can also have email storage, so you always have the full history of all email receipts, You definitely no longer have to worry about spam or receiving any viruses or malware by email.

Corporate Emails and G Suite

A 30GB storage corporate email, unique app, built-in drive, built-in antivirus and a beautiful, secure and easy-to-use interface. This is our Open Xchange-based corporate email, utilizing high end SMTP servers, it’s the best choice for your team, you really need powerful email.

But if you prefer Google services, no problem! We are the world class company providing the G Suite at the lowest price! That’s right! We provide G Suite cheaper than Google itself! Get all the features of Gmail, calendar, documents, drive, spreadsheets, and hangout. It’s never been easier and cheaper to get G Suite for your business.

Your site 100% secure!

SSL, SiteLock, and CodeGuard Certificates

Our goal is to be the most complete company for your web services, so we have major partner companies that provide our platform with the best and most modern in the world.

With COMODO SSL Certificates, you encrypt all your content and provide your web system or website with maximum browsing security.

With SiteLock, you have a malware tracker and any other threat monitoring 100% of your files daily, it’s the most powerful threat tracker in the world!

With CodeGuard, your website gets daily backups, and you can easily manage them, restore with one click, or perform more backups and more sites from a single dashboard.

Robust and reliable Tor network hosting

Dedicated Servers, VPS, and Shared Hosting


If you are looking for reliability to host your services on onion network, Impreza is the right place! We are one of the only companies in the world to provide cPanel hosting and servers for the onion network, where you have complete freedom to express yourself and be free on the internet.

We are also the only worldwide provider to officially donate to Project Tor a percentage of all service contracted and trafficked over the network, this keeps Project Tor free, safe and free at all times!

The best technical service

We know that many hosting providers are lacking in technical support, with long waits and ready messages. At Impreza we stand for human service, where you never get prompt answers, or half-finished solutions. We value excellent service, our service channels are easily accessible and available whenever you need them. Our average response time is 2 hours, but in 90% of cases we can solve or start troubleshooting in less than 30 minutes.