Tutorial Videos

See below our tutorial playlists so you can master all the functions of our products.

We have created several tutorial videos, so that you can master all our services in a simple and easy way, see below our playlists available on YouTube. Feel free to gain knowledge and master any of our services.

Impreza Drive

Learn how to use, edit, set up and connect, using our Drive, the best Online Storage you can get on the Internet, simple and with a various kinds of tools ready for your Business Online

Linux Hosting / Cloud (cPanel)

Learn how to manage your cPanel account quickly and simply, these tutorials are valid for all Linux, Cloud and Tor hosting that are based on cPanel.

Professional Email

Learn how to manage your professional email accounts hired at Impreza, see how simple it is to create accounts, edit and delete through our portal. See also how to set up your domain correctly.


See how simple it is to manage your domains in Impreza, learn how to change your DNS, manage DNS zones and always keep your domains correctly configured.

Google Workspace

See how simple it is to set up your domain with Google Workspace using the Impreza control panel.

WordPress Hosting

Learn how to install SSL certificates, create email accounts, create FTP accounts and install WordPress with just one click.

Impreza Portal

Have complete control of your Impreza account, learn how to stay safe and up to date within your account, this is the first step towards your online success.


See how simple it is to connect to our VPN servers and learn the best ways to stay safe and anonymous on the internet.

Cloud Servers

Know everything you need to configure and/or use your Cloud Server.

Tor Service

All you need to know about your Tor Hosting, .onion Domain and Tor Dedicated Server.


How to set up, solve any problem or for any questions you may have about you VPS, this will certainly help you.