Powerful Finland Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers
in Finland

Dedicated Servers
in Finland

Main choice for hidden services

We are the main choice for hosting Tor on the planet. With exclusive and dedicated services, choose who understands the subject, choose Impreza.

One Email only

We only need one email address to send server data, payment details and so you can request support from us from a single email address.

Pay with Crypto

Make secure payments, just send Bitcoin to us with the exact amount we will send to you. We’ve identified the value and activated/renewed your order.

Do what you want

You are free to use your server as you wish, we will not monitor anything, we will ensure the total secrecy of your information always!

Special Offer for Today only!

Maximum power with a
Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4116

A powerful machine with:

  • Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4116 (24 cores)
  • 128GB RAM
  • 4x 1.92TB SSD
  • 10Gbps uplink
  • USA Datacenter





Complete hardware for your Servers, choose any OS you want, reinstall, install, shut it down or turn it on, you’re in control everytime!

Choose the best Offshore Dedicated Servers in Finland for your Business

Finland Server I


per month

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2.8GHz x20


2x 250GB SSD SATA3

1Gbps Uplink

10TB Bandwidth

1IPv4 & /64 IPv6

Finland Server II


per month

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2
2.8GHz x20


2x 1TB SSD Storage

1Gbps Uplink

32TB Bandwidth

1IPv4 & /64 IPv6

Finland Server III


per month

Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6140
2.3GHz x36


2x 480GB SSD SATA3

1Gbps Uplink

32TB Bandwidth

1IPv4 & /64 IPv6

Finland Server IV



Dual AMD EPYC 7543
2.8GHz x64

256GB RAM Memory

2x 480GB SSD SATA3

32TB Bandwidth

1xIPv4 & /64 IPv6

There is a 5% Tax for all Products Purchased due the VAT Tax

A value-added tax, or VAT, is a common form of consumption tax that is due at every stage of a product’s production from the sale of the raw materials to its final purchase by a consumer.


Seychelles charges us by 15% but we managed to charge our clients by 5% tax

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    No documents requested

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    Zero personal information stored

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    No exposure of information

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10 recurring dollars for the Tor project

We will donate $10 monthly to each contracted server to help keep the Tor project stable, secure and free for everyone. By hiring any Offshore Dedicated Servers in Finland at Impreza, we will pass on to the Tor project $ 10 from each server in recurring amounts as long as you keep your dedicated server active.

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