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10 dollars in donation to Tor Project on each dedicated server hired from us


As of November 1, 2017, all the dedicated servers hired at Impreza, a portion of the profits earned will be converted into donations to the Tor Project.

We are seeing our privacy being increasingly violated by governments, agencies, and private companies.. The internet is free, and if it depends on us, it will always be free.

Currently the Tor project maintains several servers in the world, and usually creates new technologies to provide anonymity to the user on the internet, and we want freedom to be a right for all people in the world, regardless of location, everyone should have free access to information and freedom of expression.

We currently provide dedicated servers that are compatible with the Tor network, you are free to use them, but for this to be possible we need the independent and free Tor network to work with. Everything has a cost, we alone can not afford these costs, but all help is welcome.

That’s why every dedicated server purchased from us, we will donate from that amount received $ 10 in donation form to the Tor project, this value will not be unique, it will be a recurring value while you keep your dedicated server active. We commit to making these donations every month, and you who have a dedicated server from us, can request the donation voucher every month if you so desire.

These donations will be valid for all new hires as of November 1, no date for finalization, and is valid for all dedicated servers, whether in the US, Iceland, Romania, Finland or any other country that we provide structure. Note that dedicated US servers are not compatible with the Tor network yet, but even so, we will make these donations because we want to keep the project running forever!

Can I make a donation without hiring a dedicated server?

Yes! Not only you can, but you should!

Visit the Tor Project website and make your donation:

Donations made to the project are critical to keeping it on the air, and most donations are made by people who rely on this service that is created and maintained with so much love <3

Your contributions will continue to maintain an excellent job:

  • Continue to provide a usable anonymizing network that meets users’ needs.
  • Keep the Tor network up and running in a way that handles as many users as possible.
  • Attract more users, which will increase the possible sources and destinations of each communication, thus increasing security for everyone.
  • Put control over security and privacy back into your hands.

To learn more about our dedicated servers, visit:

Dedicated Servers compatible with Tor: Offshore Dedicated Servers

Tor Hosting service: Tor Hosting

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