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English domains have great future in China

Chinese companies often choose English domain names.

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I read VC news almost every day, which gives me a good understanding of what domains the future business leaders in corporate China prefer.

A number of years ago, I followed the popular wisdom that Chinese companies use Chinese-character based names and therefore Pinyin domains only. However, when I started looking deeper into this issue through reading, my view has changed.

Almost every day now, I see Chinese companies using English-based domains – along with those using Pinyin-based domains, of course.

I have recorded 207 startups reported in VC news in March. Many of these companies use English-based domains, and some of them are listed below.

Startup Pinyin Corporate domain
喜茶 Xi Cha
纷来 Fen Lai
赛恩贝 Sai En Bei
银基 Yin Ji
锐翌 Rui Yi
铁马 Tie Ma
启英泰伦 Qi Ying Tai Lun
埃睿迪 Ai Rui Di
炼石 Lian Shi
博思美 Bo Si Mei
乔斯 Qiao Si
捷会易 Jie Hui Yi
纽脉 Niu Mai
天创 Tian Chuang
聚客通 Ju Ke Tong
贝宝 Bei Bao
创飞 Chuang Fei
茶佳 Cha Jia
无限向溯 Wu Xian Xiang Su
冲量 Chong Liang
蚂蚁智联 Ma Yi Zhi Lian
代码星球 Dai Ma Xing Qiu
信用生活 Xing Yong Sheng Huo
凯卡博 Kai Ka Bo
微导 Wei Dao
泰和诚 Tai He Cheng
摄星 She Xing
望石智慧 Wang Shi Zhi Hui

As you can see, the Chinese names of the companies have not stopped them from choosing English-based domains over Pinyin-based domains.

Also, I have made two observations: (1) simple English words are used, and (2) .com is the most popular extension.

Your domains may have end users in China. If you want to explore potential buyers, try the tips I shared in the articles How to sell domains to ChinaThree steps to Chinese end user research, and A quick tip for Chinese end user research.


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