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Should sales landers have a sales pitch?


Sales Landers

John Berryhill started an interesting thread about sales landers. While the prominent attorney is usually discussing legal issues like UDRP’s and trademarks, this was about sales landers.

John showed some examples he liked and went on to say in another post:

A “for sale” page doesn’t really convey what might motivate someone to buy a domain name. However, a sales page with a sales pitch extolling why the domain has meaning and why someone might want to buy it, can go a long way toward explaining why the name has objective value.

Neil Patel has a good video on YouTube on the topic of landing pages.

Some believe the landing page should not have too much of a sales vibe, that you should not need to go into great detail. Others believe like John that it works.

What do you think about your sales landers? Give em more or short and simple?

See the original post at:

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