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Squadhelp adds 50k domains, make offer option for White Label Marketplace

Domainers add over 50,000 domains within days.

Screenshot of a Squadhelp white label marketplaceAn example of Squadhelp’s white label marketplace

Domain investors added more than 50,000 domains to white label marketplaces under Squadhelp’s new service within a few days of launching the beta last week.

The new service lets investors create their own domain marketplace. What I think makes it unique for domain investors are a couple of key features for landing pages: 24/7 chat and phone support, and retargeting ads for domains people visit.

The company seems to be quickly iterating in response to customer feedback, too. Squadhelp added a ‘make offer’ option for people who don’t want to price their domains and enabled more bulk editing options.

White label marketplace is in beta, and Squadhelp CEO Darpan Munjal told me that the company is still throttling invites to handle scale and bug fixes.


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