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Uni’s Registry Steps into Tomorrow as UNR

Uniregistry announces plans for their registry business moving forward. The company put out a press release to let everyone know what the future holds.

First off a rebrand, Uni Naming & Registry (UNR). The business is focused on expansion. So it stands to reason they will be a big player in the second round of new gtlds launched.

Full release

April 9, 2020 – Grand Cayman – Uni Registry, the registry operator and backend service provider of more than 25 new domain extensions, today announced the rebranding of its business to Uni Naming & Registry (UNR). The sunsetting of the “Uniregistry” brand related to the registry and backend services coincides with yesterday’s acquisition of several business units by GoDaddy. The company originally announced that its Registrar, Marketplace, and Domain Portfolio were joining GoDaddy in February.

As a technology and services company, UNR is the only modern, future-focused, and privately-driven registry service provider. The company owns valuable infrastructure, like .link, .help, .game, and .photo on a debt-free balance sheet, and also participates in about a half-dozen joint ventures, including .car, .cars and .auto. UNR’s industry-leading assets, modern backend, and patent-pending innovations offer a suite of tailored services to registries that are tired of being “just one more string” with other complacent backend providers. Specifically, dotBrands, generics, community gTLDs, and country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) can leverage UNR’s sales team and technology to help them finally realize significant ROIs.

UNR’s backend services division distinguishes itself by offering remarkable user capabilities, robust reporting tools, and advanced à la carte solutions tailored to the needs of each registry operator. The knights of the naming industry constitute UNR’s dream team. Veteran leadership, coupled with more than 120 years of combined team experience, are available to guide and serve customers:

Joining UNR as its Chief Operating Officer, UNR welcomes Raedene McGary. McGary previously served as the Group Policy Director of CentralNic Group plc, where she was responsible for the growth of CentralNic’s TLD portfolio. Her vast experience in the domain industry spans over 20 years, having served as legal counsel and consultant to top TLD registries, legally advising several government Ministries and Regulators, and CEO for LA Registry (.LA).

Jean-Christophe Vignes, the company’s Chief Legal Officer, has shaped top-level domain policy for nearly 20 years. As the co-founder of a dedicated backend service provider in 2012, JC successfully supported the applications of several dotBrands, dotCity TLDs, and generics. He also played a pivotal role in creating the .SX ccTLD for the territory of Sint Maarten. An IP counsel by training, JC has helped shape, and will champion, UNR’s blocking solutions.
Shayan Rostam recently joined UNR as its Chief Growth Officer. Shayan has already proven he can scale UNR’s 25+ gTLDs. Formerly Chief Registry Officer of the .INC Registry and Global Director of XYZ, Shayan has delivered 11 new domain endings to market across 180+ retail channels and 200+ countries and territories since 2014. Shayan leads a single-minded focus to collaborate with UNR’s registrar partners to drive its global domain registration business.

As a founding member of Uniregistry, Francisco Obispo stays on as the Chief Technology Officer of UNR. With over 20 years of industry experience, Francisco was the Chief Officer of the .VE ccTLD, Director of the Venezuela NREN, and Director of Services at Internet Systems Consortium, where he contributed to 58 applications for the 2012 ICANN gTLD Program. He and his team continue to develop innovative registry services such as UNR’s blocking solutions, as well as integrate new registries to the UNR backend, including .inc and .dealer.

“UNR has the people, passion, technology, and capital to unlock the full utility of Top Level Domains. With the new technology our team is introducing, UNR is paving the way for Registries to finally capitalize on the valuable assets they acquired,” reflects Frank Schilling, Founder and CEO of UNR. “One of our core missions is to help corporations discover what a personalized dotBrand TLD can do for them, so that every major company in the world operates at least one. We want to provide outsized value on all fronts by making the customer journey faster and more streamlined, while delivering greater utility and value, for any extension.”

With hands-on leadership, expanded resources, and renewed focus, UNR is well positioned for expansion and looks forward to supporting more Registries immediately, as well as helping others prepare for the second round of ICANN gTLD applications. The company is fully engaged in the naming spectrum to leverage its innovative backend technology, IP protection solutions, anti-fraud initiatives, and industry expertise. To learn more, visit or contact [email protected].

About UNR

Uni Naming & Registry is a technology and services company that independently owns and operates over 20 new domain extensions, including .link, .help, .game, and .photo, on one of the only modern registry backend platforms. UNR also provides registry services for a dozen TLDs, including .inc, .cars, and .ky. Founded by internet visionary Frank Schilling, UNR’s veteran team has more than 120 years of combined domain industry experience to service over 200 retail partners worldwide, including Network Solutions, GoDaddy, and CSC. Learn more about UNR registry services at

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