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Hiring a Dedicated Server and Paying with Bitcoin is the Best Deal

We are one of the leading companies in the market in providing dedicated servers and accepting payments in Bitcoin and dozens of other altcoins. We make it easy for you to make payments so that you always feel free to choose how to pay and get your hands on the best products.

Paying with Bitcoin is the best option!

We know that the future of crypto coins is guaranteed, it is an easy to use currency and very easy to acquire. We accept Bitcoins as a payment method for all the products and services we offer, but a product that stands out without any doubts are the dedicated servers. This happens because the server values are higher and this can often bring interest, exchange rates and other fees that banks can charge when making international purchases. With Bitcoin this does not happen because it is a decentralized currency and you can buy, sell and use paying only the transaction fee, which is much lower than any other rate in a conventional currency.

It’s fast and safe.

When you make a purchase with us via Bitcoin, this transaction is approved in a few minutes and we will immediately provision your server or any other service. Our system automatically identifies transactions with Bitcoins and other crypto-coins, so everything is automatically configured.

Lowest prices

We are focused on providing the lowest price for the best quality! We use only new hardware, with our own experts within each datacenter where we monitor network to avoid any kind of attack or any problem that can leave your server dedicated offline, our network is fantastic!

More facilities

In addition to accepting Bitcoins and other crypto-coins, we also offer local payment methods, such as PayPal, available in USD, EUR, BRL or GBP, also in the same currencies we offer local payments such as bank transfers and other local payment methods, all automated and safe.

Our Datacenters

We work hard to always provide the best, and we are expanding our network of datacenters often. Today you can hire our servers in the USA (Dallas and Provo), Iceland, Romania or Finland. In addition to our cloud servers in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto and Bangalore. And soon in these same locations we will be making Dedicated Servers available.

Take advantage to have security, efficiency and quality in your online project, hire Dedicated Servers that deliver stability for you, speak with one of our consultants today and have a guarantee of delivery in your online services, learn more:

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