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Custom .onion domains available at Impreza

Hosting a Web site on the Tor network (Deep Web) is the safest way on the internet to keep your content anonymous and protect its users against any kind of espionage. We at Impreza support freedom of the press and expression, thinking about it now we have made available in all our shared Tor hosting plans and also in dedicated offshores servers or VPS servers a custom .onion domain.

Now in hiring your plan, you can choose the additional one for a custom .onion domain of up to 5 letters, we will generate your domain and also provide the private key if you want to migrate to another service in the future.

Lately we are getting many custom orders for hidden services, we are happy to be a safe source to provide quality services and efficient support, unlike many companies in the industry. We are also committed to financially and knowledgeably helping the Tor project, in the latest updates to the Tor browser we have helped to implement many improvements in the security and privacy of all users.

We are working to reach the most authoritarian countries in the world, bringing services so that independent journalists can be safe within the Tor network by disseminating documents and photos from their countries, make sure we are on your side and provide a safe environment for that you can express yourself independently of the laws of your government, we are here to help in whatever it takes, bringing cutting-edge technology and security within the Tor network, feel free to talk to us whenever you need it.

With a custom domain, our customers can now upload their own domain to wherever they are, so your site will never be lost, and you will never need to disclose new domains to your users.

You can also request a custom domain for us without needing to host with us, contact our support, we will be happy to help :)

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