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Focusing on niches for the future of work and education

Instead of poor quality coronavirus domains I believe people should be looking at other niches amplified by the pandemic. Trends that will only grow stronger years into the future.

Remote work, online classes, tutors, education. Work from home, etc…

With articles like, Case Closed: Work-From-Home Is the World’s Smartest Management Strategy

Research from Stanford and other sources reveals that working from home vastly increases productivity.

Once the pandemic subsides and things get back to normal, the new normal for a good number of workers will be working remotely from home.

Will Oremus wrote one of the best and most in-depth articles on the topic. Will looks at the positives and negatives in what he calls, Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Self-Isolating Future.

Now the best names have been taken for a long time but purchasing on the aftermarket if one can find a bargain might be a smart bet.

Sunday saw one such sale as sold for $7,600 on Sedo, andeven though you won’t find it on Namebio the name previously sold for $3,600 according to GoDaddy.

Estibot has an even higher valuation on the name at Appraised Value: $46,554.

I think this was a decent buy at $7,600.

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