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Global Domains International Review – A Great Home Business

Global Domains International (GDI) is ranked well in the top 50 as listed by Fortune 500. The Companies main product is the sale of Domain names and web hosting packages. Global Domains International or GDI has been in Business since 1999 and continues to still grow year after year. For a small $10.00 per month you get a domain name, web hosting, a great website builder and 10 email addresses and much more. There are quite a number of other web hosting companies offering the same for less, so why go with GDI? Well Global Domains International offers more than just hosting and other services. It also gives you a genuine opportunity to make a passive income as well. I don’t know of any other web hosting companies that could match this offer.

The company Global Domains International does have a great reputation and worldwide. If you do a Google search on GDI Scam or is Global Domains International a scam you will not come up with much more than an eye catching title for someone’s website. The majority complaints are from those expecting to make money with little or no effort at all in which case you will fail. If you want a domain name because you want a presence on the Internet than this is the best way to go. The opportunity to earn some extra money should just make GDI your fist choice. myth is that most people feel that they must have domain for their web based business. That is not really the case, especially if you are blogging or have a niche business. With all the websites on the Internet today, most people do not type in web addresses anymore. Most people will head straight for a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in what they are looking for using keywords. This is where has an advantage. With all the good or,.info,.org or TDL domain names taken you can still find some good ones This is great for using a specific keyword in your domain name. It’s also great for SEO and page ranking. This however is something that is often overlooked or simply not thought of.

A huge advantage that GDI can boast over its competition is that you can get your domain name and web hosting without having to commit into a long-term contract. Unlike all other hosting companies that only have a minimum 1 yr contract for hosting, with GDI you can get your hosting on a month-to-month basis. Most of the domain names have been taken by now. If you want a specific domain you could still get it GDI also has all the other as well

You get a 7-day FREE trial with all the benefits offered. You can see the control panel and services for free before making a commitment. I do feel that 7 days is a bit short, tho it will show you the backbone of the company and how well it is organised.

GDI’s small $10 per month membership comes complete with a.WS domain name, 10 email addresses with POP/IMAP/web access as well as web hosting. GDI! Hosting will be enough for the basic home or business users needs who just want a website. However, for advanced users and programmers who require the use of SQL databases in their website, GDI hosting does not support SQL databases. The good news is GDI allows you to point domain name DNS to you own third party web host. So this will solve the issue of GDI hosting and SQL database.

As mentioned earlier, Global Domains International has a great Income Opportunity with their compensation package for customers who refer others to sign up and register their own domain name. You will receive $1.00 for each referral. The referral payment system is 5 levels deep.

If you can refer 5 people to Global Domains International (GDI) per month you will make, $5.00 monthly. If those 5 team members referred 5 team members of their own. This would be your second level and now you would make $25.00 per month in commissions (5×5). If those members did the same and recruited 5 each, you would now earn $125.00 per month on the third level. (25×5). If your level four (125×5) and level five (625×5) also do the same, each month you would be earning $3,905.00 per month as long as everyone kept their hosting account.

Another important point to mention is customer support. With GDI you are given plenty of resources to help you succeed. There is support from both GDI 24/7 and your up-line also. Your up-line will always be willing to help you after all the more people you can refer the more money you and your up-line also will make. I call it the perfect win-win situation. You also have plenty of links, banners and creative ads to help you promote GDI.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a great way to create a income online whether it be partime to help pay the monthly bills or fulltime if you wish to be your own boss from home. I would recommend giving GDI a try. The cost to start is very cheap. Free for the first 7 days, then just $10 a month after that. You are given a variety of marketing materials and suggestions in the member’s area plus support from your up-line. Don’t forget the advantages you have using to get a keyword rich domain name. After being in business for well over 10 years, it is safe to say that Global Domains International is here to stay.

Like with any business, promotion and creating your down-line is the key to succeeding with Global Domains International. This is not a get rich quick system but more of a long term financial plan. It may take a few months to create an income however, with some time and effort I do believe that anyone has the ability to succeed.


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