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Reviewing 4-letter domains sold in April

Some of these four letter domains could have value in China.

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Here are some 4-letter domains sold in April as reported by Namebio. I’ll try to look at them from a Chinese perspective, which hopefully will help you when researching Chinese buyers for your domains. sold for $4,000. is for sale at 5,888 yuan or about $883. The .com is more than 4X the price of the .cn. MDRP can be an acronym for Mo Deng Ru Pin (摩登乳品=modern milk products) and many more Pinyin phrases. sold for $1,800. is an online magazine organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and CSSM is the acronym for “China Soft Science Magazine”. In this case, the domain matches the name of the magazine. CSSM can also be an acronym for Chang Su Shang Mao (畅速商贸=smooth and fast trades) and many more Pinyin phrases. sold for $1,050. When you see a Chinese site filled with contents, do not immediately assume you have found an end user who should upgrade to your domain. The contents may not be genuine. In the case of, it appears to be an education-related site but the message at the bottom of the page indicates the contents are taken from other online sources and the domain is actually for sale. sold for $1,055. appears to be a developed site but I could not see any contents. The HTML source of the page gives mixed signals: the page description is about sports games but most of the content is about electronic parts. So, I would not assume that this is a genuine end user. is a simple site titled “Lottery Industry Supervision Bureau”. However, it has only a menu filled with links to games and betting sites built on .co domains such as A668 .co, M668 .co, and C668 .co. The “668” here rhymes with Lu Lu Fa (路路发=make a fortune in every path you take), so it is quite appropriate for betting sites. Again, I would not assume this is a genuine end user. sold for $3,605. is a developed site by Xin Fang Xiang (新方向) to provide training for women interested in developing a career in child care. The domain and the company name do not seem to match, so I would not assume is a natural upgrade for the owner. MYPX can also be an acronym for Mei Yu Pi Xie (美誉皮鞋=reputable shoes) and many more Pinyin phrases.


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