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Post the best .com you have for sale for $250 or less


$250 or less .COM ONLY

Let’s try to blow out some names this week, on the daily $250 or less makes up at least half of the .coms being reported by Namebio. They should preferably be two and three word.coms but you are free to list any .com you want. With the $250 max you can list 10 names this week.

READ EVERYTHING FIRST so you are not surprised if your comment is not published or removed.

Of course with a lot of links some posts get held, they will be approved as soon as they are seen, some people repost their list with the note comment is being held for moderation. Don’t do that!!! ok?

Only going to get you blocked. If your first comment was not approved your second one won’t, it’s like how I say don’t email me or text me, because if I did not see the comment here, I did not see the email or text. Simple as that.

There are some readers who get it, they sell names every week, not once a month, every week, they are not posting names they think are garbage and hoping to get $500 or $1,000. Because the max is $500 is not a reason to list this morning’s handreg for $500 – $1,000 maybe $250 works?

Names that are selling are two word .coms that make sense, it better be a very major keyword where you are adding ly or ish or able or any other suffix. Tech, Shop, Data, Media, Online etc… Names like,, have sold here in the last couple weeks.

This post should be used to sell a name where you are making some money with no commission, and leave a little for the next buyer.

This post has become a weekly post due to people emailing asking if I could make this weekly as it’s free and others apparently want to charge a subscription to include a domain or two for sale.

It’s free, you have to honor your sales or you will be blocked from the site.

If you sell a name please post it sold, sometimes posters sell through email rather than someone posting sold here. That way people know the name no longer for sale.

Name, asking price, registrar, if it’s an exotic cctld or new gtld leave the renewal price, you do not have to do this for com/net/org.

Potential buyers are allowed to make an offer below your price unless you say FIRM. This is an attempt to drive more sales.

Names will get some added exposure on Twitter, which is where about one third of sales have generated from previous posts.

The post should consist of only three elements:

  • Name/Price/Firm if you will not accept offers
  • Registrar/Expiration date/Premium renewal must be listed if a cctld or new gtld.
  • How to contact

So not to waste anyone’s precious time, any post that strays from this will be deleted. Examples:

  • More than 10 names listed
  • Another extension other than .com
  • A paragraph to describe the reasons why someone should buy.
  • Critiquing another poster’s domain name.
  • Listing price over $250

Disclosure: has no involvement in any sale and does not make any recommendations on any name listed in this post. Do your own research on things such as value and intellectual property.

See the original post at:

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