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How Chris Snyder acquired was once a publicly traded company. Elliot Silver reported in 2010 about an agreement with Domain Capital.

I just learned that, a company that is publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange under ticker symbol BNX, has entered into a “sale-leaseback” agreement with domain financing company, Domain Capital.

It appears that Domain Capital financed the domain name for $600,000, and is required to make monthly payments of $14,273.96 for 5 years. With interest, the total amount is required to pay over the course of the agreement is $856,437.60.

James Iles reported in July of 2020 that he dug up the exact price that IRS Inc. paid in 2006. The price was $1.3 million.

Chris Snyder of Juhll a full service digital marketing consultancy did a podcast explaining how he acquired the name.

Around the 12 min mark, the interviewer asks about price. Chris declined to give the price he paid. He noted the asking price was over $2 million but under $5 million.

He was then asked if he would sell for $5 million today? He answered no.

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