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Rick Schwartz Shares More Domain Name Purchase Prices

Rick Schwartz owns one of the finest domain name portfolios that is in private hands. I don’t necessarily think it is just Rick’s purchases make him stand out today, but it is also his ability to retain his portfolio over the years that has put him in such a strong position today.

A little over a year ago, Rick shared the purchase prices he paid for a handful of domain names, like,,,, and a few others. Over the weekend, Rick posted two tweets to share more prices that he paid to acquire some exceptional domain names:

Obviously, there are some great acquisitions in the two lists Rick shared. Not only does it show that Rick was making shrewd purchases when domain names were cheap ( for $200 and for $2,500), but he also spent substantial sums of money at later dates for exceptional domain names ( for $108,000 and for $750,000).


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