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Update on Autism.Rocks sale


Autism Rocks Support Centre

Back in June of 2015 there was big news that Austim.Rocks sold for $100,000.

Now there is news out that the buyer Sanjay Shah might be involved in some legal trouble. reported:

The assets of Dubai resident Sanjay Shah have been frozen as Danish officials seek to claw back losses

A centre for autistic children in the UAE funded by an alleged tax
fraudster has closed its doors because of an asset freeze on his
multi-million-pound fortune.

Dubai-resident Briton Sanjay Shah has seen his funds cut off as he fights a court case against the Danish tax authority which claims he was the key mover behind a £1.5 billion tax scam.

The site is still up with a note that the Autism Centre closed in December 2019. They are no longer providing services.

It’s sad to see something vital to so many people dealing with Autism to see the center close.

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