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The Novi domain registrations start pouring in


Novi Domain Registrations

Yesterday it was announced that Facebook was rebranding the name of their digital wallet Calibra which is tied to their Libra digital currencies.

The name was inspired by the Latin words “novus” and “via,” which mean “new” and “way,” respectively.

Yes I did say “currencies” as The Verge points out “Although Facebook initially said that there would be a single Libra coin pegged to a collection of national currencies, it now plans to have multiple digital coins pegged to individual currencies in addition to a combined Libra currency.”

Almost one year ago I wrote about 1,000 Libra related domain names being registered.

Now here comes the Novi related names.

Novi as a standalone keyword is registered in over 160 extensions. Some registered yesterday like:

In other extensions roughly 700 novi related domains were registered.

Here is a look at some with Novi as the second keyword:

See the original post at:

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