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Security experts are struggling to keep pace with the flood of domains invoking the virus published a piece that takes a look at the security professionals trying to keep up with the onslaught of corona/covid related domain names.

Coronavirus related domain names

From the article:

By most measures, the volume of new domain registrations that include the words “Coronavirus” or “Covid” has closely tracked the spread of the deadly virus. The Cyber Threat Coalition (CTC), a group of several thousand security experts volunteering their time to fight COVID-related criminal activity online, recently published data showing the rapid rise in new domains began in the last week of February, around the same time the Centers for Disease Control began publicly warning that a severe global pandemic was probably inevitable.

The article goes on to criticize ICANN for not doing enough and gives some praise to Namecheap.

The comments left on the article have a few that absolutely rip Namecheap.

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