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Decoding recent numeric domain name sales

Kassey Lee investigates recent numeric domain name sales.

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Numeric domains up to 4 digits (4N) are actually used by Chinese companies. However, those beyond 4N are not often found in use but mostly traded among investors. In this article, I’ll review some 4N domains sold in the three months between March and May this year. sold for $50,000. 6115 is a B2B portal which claims to have more than 10,000 daily visitors looking for business partnership. The site title is Zhong Guo Bai Ye Lun (中国百页轮网=China louver wheel network) but it does not seem to be related to the numeric domain. Often, I see numeric domains in use but no Chinese meanings are given. could be a good upgrade for the company. sold for $37,000. provides tax and accounting services. The company was founded in 2003 and currently has about 50 employees, including professional accountants and business registration specialists. would be a nice upgrade. On the other hand, is currently listed for sale at 150,000 yuan or about $21,000. sold for $33,600. provides data servers, SSL certificates, domain registrations, and other IT services from 15 sites outside China. The numeric domain matches the company’s name 3049 Shu Ju (3049数据= 3049 data). With its global reach and current size, the company should benefit from upgrading to sold for $20,508 and is already listed for sale at 218,000 yuan or about $31,000. This would be a decent flip if the domain can be sold within a short time. 1740 rhymes with Yi Qi Si Ying (一起思赢=think to win together). sold for $25,505 an is already listed for sale at 238,000 yuan or about $33,000. This would be a decent flip if the domain can be sold within a short time. 6439 rhymes with Le Shi Xian Jiu (乐世仙酒=angelic wine providing a generation of pleasure). sold for $64,000 and parked. is listed for sale at 23,600 yuan or about $3,300. seems to be for sale too, indicating the number as the dialing code for Hechi (河池), a city in the Guangxi region. 0778 rhymes with Ni Qu Qu Ba (你去去吧=please go, with implication to do something).


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