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This “ransomware generator” is the most useful – and scary – thing you will see today


Ransomware attacks on small and medium-sized businesses are becoming routine. And, if you think about it, security executives from these SMEs and independent researchers in the field have little or no tool to study exactly how such infections happen. Well, this problem could be solved with the launch of ransomwiz – a “harmless” ransomware generator.

Okay, they’re not exactly harmless, as they encrypt your files and demand a payment for the ransom just the same. Only you can configure them however you want, specifying a directory on your hard drive that has nothing important, inventing a new extension for the hijacked documents and using techniques that are already widely known to the community.

It is obvious that the creators of the ransomwiz also took some extra precautions to prevent the generator from being misused. First, it is necessary to have a corporate email to use the tool; in addition, the key to decrypting any infection will always be “hunter2”. There are also limitations regarding the use of processes, file size and critical system directories.

Anyway, if you want to play with the ransomwiz a little bit, just access the website, generate your customized sample, register and wait until the team responsible for the project accepts your request.

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