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VestaCP now available on Tor network (onion network)

Now available from Impreza on all VPS Offshore Servers and Dedicated Offshore Servers is our VestaCP control panel installation service for .onion domains.

With this additional service, we will install the free VestaCP dashboard on your server and make it compatible with the Tor network, so you can host multiple .onion domain sites on the same server, and with the ease of managing your services using the VestaCP to create new web accounts, FTP and database.

As it is a free control panel, you will not have to pay any additional costs in the monthly fee of your services, we only charge the installation which can take up to 24 business hours to complete.

Remember that on VPS servers installation is limited to hardware, always remember that your operating system uses 1GB of RAM, so that VestaCP can work well. purchase a server with at least 2GB of RAM.

Know our plans:

Offshore VPS Servers:

Offshore Dedicated Servers:

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