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Sedo – “It’s a clown show bro!”

Sedo used to have a policy that if you wanted to set a buy it now over $50,000 you needed approval via appraisal.

Sedo said last year, Here’s a neat update for those who want to sell their high-value premium domains at Sedo: We’ve lifted the price cap, meaning there is no need to order an appraisal for domains above $50,000 anymore.


Many don’t like asking for approval from a third party to price their own domain name. The need for an appraisal is even more infuriating, but things might have jumped the shark.

Sedo changing the rule seemed to make sense, but as one non domainer who I referred to Sedo to search for some ideas said to me last night, “It’s a clown show Bro!”

What do you say to for $6 million?

Dragons Den Money GIF by CBC
Courtesy of Dragon’s Den

You bet it sounds expensive, never mind the obvious trademark.

How about for 16 million GBP?

frustrated will ferrell GIF

It’s amateur hour, a clown show, or Ebay Jr. Take your pick.

Sedo might want to think about changing the policy again. Letting people post up to say $250,000 and approving requests higher than that.

Who is hitting the buy it now on a $10 million purchase anyway? The biggest sales are usually negotiated, no one is like “Hey boss, do I just hit the buy it now for $16 million or do you think they would take $8 million for

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