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People are already distributing phishing about the new Pix payment method


We recently published a special report about Pix, a new payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) and which will soon be inaugurated by the main national banking institutions. At the time, experts agreed that no matter how secure the system itself is, it is likely that fraudsters will find alternative ways to harm internet users using the novelty as a motto.

Well, the forecast was not long in coming. Apparently, there are already scammers maintaining phishing campaigns on behalf of banks that will offer Pix. Fabio Assolini, senior security researcher at Kaspersky, posted on his Twitter profile a screenshot that shows an alleged fake email inviting the victim to pre-register to take advantage of the payment method as soon as it is available.

“The first malicious emails using the PIX release as bait start to appear. Want to register your keys? Better be careful with the pre-registration invitations received, they can be fake! ”, Commented the expert.

The message, although it has no Portuguese errors and / or concordance, is too simple and does not have any visual element that refers to the banking institution in question. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that Pix pre-registration (as well as the future registration of keys) is being done within the official application of your bank; therefore, it is crucial to disregard any communication by email.

Source: Twitter / Fabio Assolini

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