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cPanel/WHM available on Tor network (onion network)

Managing a website on the Tor network (known as Deep Web) is now very simple, with our exclusive service you can get a cPanel server to manage your websites with .onion domains easily. With our additional cPanel installation service, you have the largest and most complete hosting control panel to manage your servers within the Tor network.

This additional service is available on all offshore VPS servers and dedicated offshore servers, and is already available on our shared Tor hosting.

Remember that on VPS servers installation may be limited due to hardware used and shared Tor hosting, cPanel is already bundled for free. On VPS servers and dedicated servers, you will need to have a valid license that can be purchased from any vendor or by ourselves.

Know our plans:

Offshore VPS Servers:

Offshore Dedicated Servers:

Check out our Tor shared hosting plans (with free embedded cPanel):

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