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There is a lot of naming speculation going on in the Sports world


Washington Football Team

There are a lot of name discussions going on in the world of sports. The Washington Football team retired their name after major brands threatened to pull out of sponsorship deals if a change was not made.

Seattle has a new hockey team and they ended up going with a name I was hearing about from the very start, KRAKEN. The new team will be the Seattle Kraken. is a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Cleveland Indians are looking at changing their name and discussions are underway.

The Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL) are changing their team mascot name.

There are trademarks being filed and a lot of speculation on names. The Washington football team had someone thinking the team name could be Sentinels. reported:

Chad Ryan, who podcasts about the NFL team located in Washington, D.C., stumbled upon a Reddit user who had done some sleuthing and found news worth sharing.

Apparently the same company that registered and manages the website recently registered a new domain name,

That doesn’t mean the new name of DC’s NFL team is the DC Sentinels, but if it is, one has to wonder if the XFL will sue them for stealing the team name of their squad in DC.

As more teams say they are going to change their name there will be more speculation. The Washington and Cleveland situations will continue to see domain registrations in hopes of hitting the lottery.

The problem with the speculation is that most teams don’t just own their mascot name. The Dallas Cowboys one of, if not thee most valuable franchise in sports, do not own, is their name and the same for the rest of the NFL.

So while owning a generic name like is perfectly legit, owning the would not be as legit. So there might not be a payday but a UDRP instead. Especially considering that those speculating now will have registration dates that just happened and would be hard to convince a panel they registered it for other reasons.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out with all these franchises looking for new names.

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