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Sony confirms data theft in two recent attacks


Sony this week shared information about the impact of two recent unrelated cyberattacks believed to have been carried out by some well-known cybercrime groups. One of the incidents is related to the investigation recently launched by the Japanese giant after a relatively new ransomware group called RansomedVC claimed to have compromised all of the company’s systems and offered to sell stolen data.

Screenshots that the hackers initially made public to prove authorship appeared to show that they obtained source code, access to Sony applications and confidential documents. However, most of the content appeared related to the company’s Creators Cloud media production solution, suggesting its claims were exaggerated.

In an updated statement on Wednesday, 4, Sony told SecurityWeek which is investigating the allegations with the help of third-party forensic experts and has identified unauthorized activity on a single server located in Japan. The hacked server was used for internal testing for the company’s entertainment, technology and services business.

“Sony has taken this server offline while the investigation is ongoing. There is currently no indication that customer or business partner data was stored on the affected server or that any other Sony systems were affected. There was no adverse impact on Sony’s operations,” the company said.

RansomedVC has now made available a 2GB file allegedly containing information stolen from the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant. However, downloading the file doesn’t seem to work.

The second incident is related to the campaign in which the Clop ransomware group exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Progress Software’s MOVEit file transfer software to gain access to the files of hundreds of organizations that were using the product.

Sony was one of the first major companies to be listed on the Clop leak site as a victim of the MOVEit hack. The company this week informed the Maine attorney general that nearly 6,800 people were affected by the attack on MOVEit. The data breach affects current and former Sony Interactive Entertainment employees and their families.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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