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Cloud Hosting for WordPress that works!

Do you have a website built in WordPress? So that stuff is really important to you.

WordPress is an OpenSource platform that receives many updates from your community, as well as being the most popular, it is undoubtedly the simplest to use. With WordPress you can create Blogs, Virtual Stores, Sites, Online Magazines and much more, because the platform allows you to create plugins, themes, or modify the entire core of the system.

But because of its popularity, using a WordPress requires some basic knowledge of security, as it is constantly attacked by hackers seeking to obtain the data of its users, or trying to use the server where your site is hosted, to practice blows on the Internet. The use of some security plugins is highly recommended, plus of course a secure environment in case your hosting.

Just as WordPress gets important and constant updates, you need to be aware of them every day, whenever a new WordPress, theme or plugin update comes up, it’s highly recommended that you do it right away, after all, these updates bring in of software improvements, they also always bring important security updates. Using a website developed with WordPress without making your updates, is a full plate for attacks on your website.

WordPress Hosting

Here at Impreza we have recently launched the WordPress Hosting, unlike all others like the shared one or the Cloud, this uses a unique panel specially developed so that you can manage your site in WordPress in a simpler and easier way! We think of every detail that is part of the daily life of those who use WordPress, one of them is the updates, when you host this hosting, our system automatically makes you all pending updates and those that are to come, so it is a major concern at least for you.

In addition to keeping your site up to date, we’ve added some more benefits:

  • Complete management
  • Automatic daily backup using CodeGuard
  • Advanced Anti-Malware & Firewall built-in, the famous SiteLock

In our dashboard, you can also manage more than one site, create, edit or remove email accounts, and you can do it all very quickly and easily, obviously everything in the cloud :)


With CodeGuard backup, your site will always have an instant backup, meaning you can restore an earlier version of your site with just one click. You can also recover specific files, databases or any other file, CodeGuard is undoubtedly one of the best backups in the world for WordPress.


Already with SiteLock, you are guaranteed to have a secure site, free of malware or hackers, SiteLock does a deep scan of all the files inside the FTP of your site, it automatically clears any threats and also protects against possible intrusions, you have a complete report of everything that happens in the heart of your website. In addition, SiteLock provides you with a security badge, you can use this badge on your site, it will undoubtedly bring more security to your users who access your site, SiteLock is synonymous with secure site!


Without a doubt our WordPress Hosting is one of the best in the world, as well as being optimized to run WordPress, it has CodeGuard, SiteLock, advanced management and everything in the Cloud environment, leaving by default the loading of your site much faster than in a shared hosting.

So if you want to know our plans, see more resources and hire a great environment for your site, go to:

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