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New site shows available one-word domain names

There aren’t many available, it turns out.

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OneWord.Domains shows available one word domain names.

A new website helps people find available one-word domain names—and proves just how rare they are in popular top level domains.

Steven Tey, a data science student at the Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute, launched OneWord.Domains to show available one-word domains in a handful of popular extensions.

The site currently shows domains in .ai, .app, .co, .com and .io.

While the site certainly identifies some great domains, there is a big problem: many of the domains have registry premiums.

For example, is an excellent domain and is available for registration. But it has a registry premium on it and will set you back a few thousand dollars to add it to your portfolio.

You can register .io and .ai domains that are on the site at regular rates, but you’ll notice a dearth of good names.

In many ways, rather than helping you find good domains to register, the site is another reminder of how difficult it is to find great domains to register. Maybe a two-word domains site would be more helpful.


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