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What is a Server on the internet and what is it for?

Servidor dados internet

A server is a central component in the information technology ecosystem. Playing a crucial role in storing, managing and distributing data and services on computer networks on the internet.

Imagine that the internet is like a gigantic library, full of information and resources. When you want to access a specific book in this library, you need to ask a librarian for help, who will fetch the book for you. Now, imagine that this library is the internet and the librarian is the server.

Servers are like a specialized computer designed to store, process and deliver information over the internet.

It acts as a custodian of data and online resources, just like the librarian in our analogy. Servers are essential for making websites, applications, files and other content available on the internet.

Here are some examples of what servers are for:


servidor: jogos, dados, sites, emails, aplicativos.


  • Website Hosting: When you access a website, your computer’s browser requests information from the server that hosts that website. The server sends the necessary data (pages, images, videos) back to your browser, allowing you to view the content.
  • Emails: When you send or receive emails, email servers manage the exchange of messages between senders and recipients. They temporarily store messages until the recipient accesses them.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud servers, such as those offered by companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. They allow you to store your files, photos and documents online, making them accessible from any device with internet access.
  • Online Applications: Many applications we use, such as social networks, streaming services and productivity tools, depend on servers to function. Servers process our requests and provide the desired functionality.
  • Online Games: Servers are also used in online games. They manage interaction between players, store game data and coordinate each player’s actions in the virtual environment.
  • Databases: Companies and organizations use servers to store and manage large amounts of information, such as customer records, products and transactions.


In short, servers are like the invisible behind the scenes of the internet, working silently to allow all online resources and information to be accessed and used by us, the users.

Therefore, they are fundamental to the connectivity and functionality of the internet, making possible the exchange of data and online interaction that has become so common in our lives.

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