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Securely connecting networks and IoT devices: an integrated solution

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Smart devices, equipped with technology Internet of Things (IoT), they can already be considered fundamental for economic development. Many companies depend on these apparatus for controlling and automating various industrial processes; without them, these companies would have much more complicated, expensive and time-consuming processes.

However, is your network smart enough to connect all devices in a smart (and mostly) secure way?

Configure networks intelligently and securely, mainly to receive technology with Internet of Things (IoT), has become a complicated operation for any information technology team.

Fortunately, to simplify and protect corporate connections, Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company focusing on computer networks and wireless networks, based in California (USA) presents the solution Dynamic Segmentation, which unifies the applications of wired and wireless internet policies, ensuring security and individuality of traffic between networks.

Dynamic Segmentation of Aruba

Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation solution uses data collected from Aruba’s role-based policy capability, user firewalls, along with Layer 7 application visibility and integrated web content filtering. It was developed to make the user experience in accessing corporate networks more consistent, simplifying network operation, in addition to optimizing equipment security and visibility.

Dynamic Segmentation makes network access a simpler and more secure process, extending Aruba’s security policy management and WLAN policy application capabilities, a feature that makes wired client devices dynamically assigned policies, with based on the user’s port or role. Aruba network switches play a key role in unifying network access.

When implementing the Aruba Dynamic Segmentation, access rights are made based on the type of device and application used to connect to the company’s network, in addition to analyzing the location of the device.

Dynamic Segmentation is a solution that simplifies and protects internet access, both wired and wireless, establishing the “Mobility Controller” as a unified application mechanism. Traffic from an AP or switch is encapsulated in GRE tunnels for inspection by its own firewall.

Scheme of organization and operation of Dynamic Segmentation.  Photo: Aruba.
Scheme of organization and operation of Dynamic Segmentation. Photo: Aruba.

The ingredients of the solution

When hiring the Dynamic Segmentation solution, your network will be equipped with the following technologies:

Aruba Wireless Access Points

Performance of Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 802.11ax, which meets the needs of any environment. Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Location Services that provide the information technology sector with the automation and visibility necessary to provide an ideal experience for IoT users and devices.

Aruba Network Switches

Technology that allows create an integrated wired and wireless base that offers scalability, security and high performance for campus and branch networks. Dynamic segmentation exclusively provides IT teams with a simple way to enforce policies, use advanced services and securely segment wired user and IoT traffic anywhere on the network through tunnels – using Port Based Tunnel (PBT) with authentication made on the controller or via User Based Tunnel (UBT) with authentication made on the Aruba switch.

Aruba Gateway and Mobility Controllers

Two crucial solution tools: Mobility Controllers and Aruba Gateways, which act as wired and wireless traffic policy enforcers. Aruba Mobility Controller allows the information technology department to take advantage of the application of policies, bandwidth contracts and other traffic restrictions. In a branch environment, the Branch Gateway managed by Aruba Central performs this role. Policy Enforcement Firewall serves as the underlying network technology in support of these two environments.

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager with profile creation

With Aruba ClearPass, network access policies can be centrally managed for both wired and wireless access control. Its main functions are device profiling, authentication, authorization and policy enforcement.

Once the role and privileges are defined, they follow the user or device. Dynamic Segmentation simplifies and protects wired and wireless connections by establishing Mobility Controllers as a unified policy enforcement mechanism. Traffic from an AP or switch is encapsulated in GRE tunnels for inspection by Policy Enforcement FIrewall (PEF).

Are you interested? Click here and get to know the details of the Dynamic Segmentation solution!

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