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You can now use Red Star OS wallpapers, icons and themes on your Linux


The personal computer market in North Korea is bizarre and everyone knows it. The internet itself is only available to foreigners and government agents, and the rest of the country uses Kwangmyong, a kind of highly censored intranet it has only what the government believes is healthy that ordinary people have access to – and, precisely because of that, it is completely free.

Stranger still is the fact that (in case you don’t know yet) the computers there do not run Windows, but an operating system based on Linux and called Red Star OS. In its most recent build (3.0), it uses the KDE 3 desktop environment and has a custom interface clearly inspired by older versions of macOS. At its heart, of course, are tools to monitor what is accessed or executed.

Now, if for any reason – possibly out of pure curiosity – you always wanted to try such an operating system, know that it became possible to emulate it perfectly on your Ubuntu or Kubuntu. A mysterious developer known as BlackOtton made GitHub available wallpapers, themes and icons taken directly from Red Star OS 3.0. Just download and have fun.

One of the Red Star OS wallpapers (Playback / BlackOtton)

The user guarantees that the files worked well on Ubuntu 18.04 and Kubuntu 20.04 installations; the sound effects are the same as in KDE 4, so you will have no trouble finding them on the web. In addition, all metadata in the original documents has been removed, but the programmer himself points out that if you want more security, it is better to use a virtual machine.

please note that neither The Hack nor any other security expert performed a technical analysis of the files made available by BlackOtton to ensure that it is really safe to use them; therefore, we do not endorse its indiscriminate use. Play at your own risk.

Source: GitHub / BlackOtton

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