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Choosing a Domain Name – The Most Important Considerations

These days actually getting a domain name could not be easier. Simply go to a domain name registration company like Network Solutions and they will guide you through the process. In fact, if you have a Network Solutions offer code, they’ll do it for even cheaper. However, because so many domain names are taken, finding a good domain name is probably harder than ever. Here’s how to get the best domain name for your site.

If you are hoping to make long term profits with your website and especially if you are hoping to support an already established bricks and mortar business, branding is the most important consideration. If you want repeat visitors and don’t want to rely completely on the search engines, they have to remember your brand.

A good brand is unique. Don’t use a misspelling of an already established website. The search engines are getting better and better at detecting that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, if the brand name is already taken, it is best to just think of a new one especially if the site taking it will be one of your competitors as you’ll continuously loose business to it. Just ask the guy that had The fact is, people still the most prestigious domain so if at all possible, you are going to want to get

A good domain is also easy to spell. Like I said earlier, search engines are getting better and better at noticing misspellings but it is still not a good idea to rely on them completely. Many of your visitors will want to type the name in directly and will get very annoyed if they have to visit a search engine every time they want to visit your site.

A good domain name is relatively short. Here you are going to run into problems. The shorter the domain name, the more likely it is taken. Before you get too excited about any name, be sure to check the registry at Network Solutions or your domain name registration company of choice to see if it is available. Don’t worry too much about this though. If a domain name is unique, easy to spell, and remember, its length isn’t as important. After all, is much easier to remember than, even though it’s 3.5 times as long.

Finally, if possible, a good domain name has the target keywords in it. There is a lot of debate on how much having the keyword in a domain helps, but no one argues that it doesn’t help at all. If you are in it for the long term, branding is by far the most important consideration. However, if you can get a keyword into a good brand, it will make things just a little bit easier. Having said that, don’t just throw in a bunch of keywords separated by hyphens. After all, I’m guessing that you use more often than

In the end, domain names are important, but creating good content and promoting it are the keys to success on the internet. So grab your Network Solutions offer code from below(or use another service, that’s fine too) and get the best domain that you can.


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