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Not all Chinese companies shun these letters in domains

It’s not a Chip, but it’s a good domain for this company.

Screenshot of

This Chinese company chose a domain that seems to go against the Chip principle.


If you are familiar with Chips (Chinese premium) domains, you probably wouldn’t think a Chinese company would use the domain

According to the Chip principle, domains containing the letters a, e, i, o, u, or v are less valuable than domains without them. Based on this principle, is not great because it contains e and two v’s.

Yet, is the corporate domain of a Chinese company that has already received several rounds of funding from investors.

Founded in 2006, Yi Xi Wei Wei (伊西威威) operates a global marketplace for industrial products such as metal tools, office equipment, machine parts, and medical gears. Just a few weeks ago, it completed a Series B+ round.

Why did Yi Xi Wei Wei select Well, ECVV rhymes with Yi Xi Wei Wei. In other words, ECVV sounds like Yi Xi Wei Wei when you say it in Chinese. The company has also secured for brand protection.

There’s an exception to every rule, and this example shows that Chinese companies won’t rule out domains with so-called “bad letters”.


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