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Groups announce hack of recruitment giant Robert Half


Hacker groups known as IntelBroker and Sanggiero claim to possess a trove of Robert Half data, which is being sold for the equivalent of US$20,000 in Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency.

In June 2022, the global consulting and recruitment and selection company, submitted a data breach notification to the Maine Attorney General’s Office, in the USA. According to the statement, the company suffered a data breach in which hackers attacked more than a thousand customers, successfully obtaining their names, addresses, social security numbers and tax information.

Now, IntelBroker and Sanggiero are claiming responsibility for another breach of Robert Half International. They claim to have successfully breached the company once again, bragging about stealing a substantial amount of data. The stolen data is for sale on the dark web illegal data sales website known as BreachForums at a price of US$20,000 in the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). The data listing initially appeared on the 8th of this month, and has remained active since then.

The hackers claim they breached on the same day, indicating that this alleged data breach is separate from the previous one in 2022. However, it remains unclear whether these are the same hackers responsible for the previous breach.

IntelBroker is recognized for its “reliable” and high-profile hacks, which include breaches of Weee! Grocery, General Electric, and the most recent data breach involving a partial Facebook Marketplace database. In its post on the breach forums, the group revealed that it managed to gain access to confidential records, employee documents, customer information, and settings related to services such as OpenAI and Twilio.

The hackers also shared screenshots that purportedly displayed the stolen data, Git repositories, and AWS-related system configurations. A screenshot appears to reveal a list of clients, with companies listed under ‘Account Names’, accompanied by full names, key functional roles, titles and phone numbers.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and founded in 1948, Robert Half International holds the distinction of being the first and largest talent solutions company in the world. With more than 325 offices around the world, covering countries such as Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China and Canada, the company presents a lucrative target for cybercriminals.


Source: CisoAdvisor, Maine Attorney General

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