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Making a profit with aged domain names


Aged Domain Names

Domain names like, and most recently are all aged domain names that went for big money at auction.

These domain names were all aged, with a solid backlink profile and strong in other metrics like domain authority and trust flow.

Richard Patey published a very good article on the topic for anyone interested in building sites on aged domains.

Richard consulted with a couple other experts to provide depth to the article.

Alex from stated:

Aged domains are one of the greatest business opportunities for the current state of SEO based online business models. Why go with a brand new domain and spend 4-5 figures on links, building everything from scratch, when you can kick-start your venture with one that is already juiced up by almost impossible to get links?

Pick a great brandable or catchy name or go after niche relevant dictionary words when shopping for the perfect pre-owned domain and and you’re not only investing into a semi-developed piece of online real estate (powered by links, traffic and old authority), but you’re also buying a very liquid asset that can be later flipped for a profit.

Domains are assets. SEO powered pre-owned/aged domains are turbo-charged assets. The industry is booming due to more business-owners and affiliate marketers realizing that a combination of a good name + decent SEO behind it is not only a ‘lottery ticket’, but a solid business model and investment vehicle.

Alex is the founder of ODYS, a private SEO domain marketplace.

The article provides a lot of things to look out for and offers a checklist of things to make sure are in order.

Read the article on Flippa.

See the original post at:

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