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IoT industry giant stops production after ransomware attack


In a note released on Tuesday, 23, Sierra Wireless, one of the largest manufacturers of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, reported having suffered a major ransomware attack on Saturday, March 20, which forced it to stop the production of devices.

“The company’s website and other internal operations were also disrupted by the attack. Sierra believes it will restart production at its facilities and resume normal operations soon, ”says the manufacturer’s statement. “In that sense, we ask our customers and partners for patience while we try to remedy the situation.”

The British Columbia-based manufacturer in Western Canada, which claims to be the world’s leading provider of IoT solutions, said its IT team reacted quickly to contain the attack. In partnership with third-party experts, the company says it is currently working to bring the internal systems back online, which would indicate that it is not negotiating the ransom payment.

“At the moment, Sierra believes that the impact of the attack has been limited to internal systems, as the company maintains a clear separation between its internal IT systems and those of customer-oriented products and services,” said the company. The company did not provide information, however, on whether the attackers attempted to steal data during the invasion.

The list of companies that suffer multimillion-dollar losses from ransomware continues to grow. Earlier this month, U.S. health care company Universal Health Services (UHS) revealed that an attack last year could end up costing the company up to $ 67 million, operational disruption and IT overtime.

Other ransomware victims who have suffered heavy losses include Cognizant ($ 70 million), Sopra Steria ($ 60 million) and Norsk Hydro ($ 41 million).

Source: (CisoAdvisor)

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