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How to Select the Best Company for Hiring Offshore PHP Developers?

So, there has been a lot of buzz over the web nowadays about Hiring Dedicated Offshore Resources. The Internet is now loaded with information and guidelines about how to hire, when is the right time to hire and the myriad of benefits of hiring virtual employee from India. Therefore, since by now, all of us know what the concept is and how it works, we will straight move on to the key factors that might help you in making the decision about which Web Design Company would be the right for you.

The web is flooded with several companies that offer the Hire Web Designers / Hire Web Developers Program, but not all of them can provide you with what actually Dedicated Hiring is all about.

So, how will you know from which company should you Hire PHP Developers from?

Let us first compare the Hire Offshore Staff Program with that of an In-house Hiring.

Step 1- The Interview Process: The first step in case of hiring an in-house employee is likely that you collect a few resumes of the qualified professionals from where you shortlist some of them for a face-to-face interview. So, first find out whether the company that is offering its resources on hire, is able to provide you with the resumes of it’s web designers or php developers for you to choose from or are you just directly dealt with the sales person and then to someone unknown to work together with you?

Make sure that the Company from whom you would be hiring the resources has provided you with resumes of web designers / web developers, for you to choose from. And that further you are allowed to select a few amongst them, with whom you would likely setup an interview session. It is extremely important to know the person who would be working with you as your dedicated employee, as he/she would just like be your in-house employee (working at a virtual location) with whom you have few conversations before you actually hire him/her. Therefore, an Interview Session with your Dedicated Staff is an integral process in this method. Do not miss it.

Step 2- The Communication and Management Process: Everybody would mention that they would provide Direct Communication with the Web Designer / Web Developer you would hire. But how does the scenario of web development goes in is any reputed web design company? There is always a Project Manager and a Quality Analyst associated with the Web Designers / PHP Developers. So, if you are dealing with the Web Designer / Web Developer alone, the person might be extremely good at design or programming job but might not have the skills for management and quality analysis. Therefore, you are deprived of those facilities, and for which you have to deal with them all by yourself.

Why not choose a company that provides you with a Project Manager and a Quality Analyst as well and that too at the same price compared to others? Try to get the maximum out of what you pay.

Step 3 – Avail Free Trial: Those companies who houses well-experienced PHP Developers, will always walk that extra mile to provide you with “Risk-Free Trial Offer” which also comes with a “Money Back Guarantee”. This aspect asserts the level of expertise and confidence a company possess, as they would refund your money if at all you are not satisfied with the quality of work delivered. The Risk Free Trial Offer Guarantees that you try and test the PHP Developers before you actually move on to a long term commitment. This provides you with an added advantage of knowing the company, the developers and the kind of work they do, before you make any final decision. So, look for those companies, who provide you with 7 Days or 100 Hours Risk Free Trial as with the Money Back Guarantee, you are always safe. Do avail it!

Having said all that, finally, what I think is worth mentioning is that, before you make a final decision to hire php developers, do a good market survey, ask questions about all that you have in your mind, look at the experience a company has and that you get the best ROI.


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