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In 2020 .org continued it’s upward trend in reported domain sales


.Org domain name sales

The .org extension was in the news a lot in 2020, many organizations, investors and other interested parties were anxious about a potential sale of the registry to Ethos Capital.

Then on April 30, 2020 ICANN says no sale on .org. On the reported sales side of the coin, .Org has continued an upward trajectory in sales over the last 5 years.

Year # of sales Total Dollar Volume Average Sales Price High Price
2020 6,032 $5.4m $899 $169,888
2019 5,272 $4.4m $839 $400,000
2018 4,337 $3.8m $843 $500,000
2017 3,501 $2.9m $816 $75,000
2016 4,037 $2.6m $656 $49,000

While 2020 did not produce one blockbuster sale like or it made up for it in volume and 2020 showed the highest average sales price over the last five years.

When we look at 6,032 reported .org sales in 2020, 3,395 took place at GoDaddy. So many were expired, SEO link plays like

Sedo has averaged around 135 .org sales over the last five years.

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to, and by, reliable sources.

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