No Comments sold for $40,000 in 2014 closes today for $2,601 (story inside)


Every.Day.Counts was a fashion brand with a store in the Netherlands. covered the opening in 2014

Esprit, start-up version, worked on the project for an urban and denim brand for several months. Christened, it opened the doors to its test store today.

The domain name registered in 2003 sold first back in 2012 at Afternic for $2,827. The buyer iGenesis Limited out of Hong Kong.

Two years later it looks like the domain sold for $40,000.

Now the registration date in whois is 2003, but I did look back further and the domain in 2000 was owned by an Insurance company that dropped the name. The registration date restarted at 2003.


The domain name closed at GoDaddy on Thursday for $2,601.

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