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Available at Impreza: Offshore Dedicated Servers in Ukraine

Impreza launches today new dedicated offshore servers and VPS Offshore servers in Kiev, Ukraine. There are 4 options that can meet any need, from servers to video transmissions, VoIP, data storage and website hosting.

The servers in Ukraine are also compatible with the Tor Network, where every server contracted in Ukraine, part of the profits will also be donated to the Tor Project, just as it already happens with our servers in Romania, Iceland and Finland. This is our commitment to keep the Tor network stronger and free from government control. All servers have the free additional for a .onion domain

All of our provisioned servers have encrypted disks, preventing even those who are physically in the datacenter from having access to any information inside the server, only those who have root access have access to the files inside the server.

We also do not monitor network traffic, but it is extremely important that users follow our terms of use, any complaints we receive, will be dealt with individually by our abuse team.

Take advantage of our launch prices and have a presence in Ukraine:

Offshore Dedicated Servers in Ukraine:

Offshore VPS servers in Ukraine:

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