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New High Performance Dedicated Servers Available

We have today launched a new line of dedicated servers and also a new datacenter in Dallas Texas. This new line brings much more options for processors, storage, bandwidth and more. From now on, old and new customers will be able to enjoy several customizable servers that can be purchased by our site, the configuration is simple and the provisioning takes up to 4 hours only. We add by default a wide range of operating systems, including CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Windows and many others, plus you can even load your custom system at no additional cost.


We also release connections on the ports of 100Mbps (by default), up to 1000Mbps, you can choose the connection speed in the hiring. We also added a wider choice of IP addresses, as well as protection against additional DDoS attacks. You can also customize the server even more, just talk to us and we’ll set up your custom machine on time, we’ll also add priority management and support packages if you need to. We are working hard to also offer every network structure, so within the next few days you can also allocate your machines within our structure in Dallas.


The datacenter is very well located and has Tier-3 certification, plus redundant power and isolation against natural disasters.

Control panel

With the Impreza control panel you have all your server information, from hardware, software and network usage. It is possible with just a few clicks to shut down, restart, start or reinstall every system. In addition to having in a broad and simple view every server usage report. You can also manage all machine IP addresses and set up your own rDNS very simply. See all our servers and prices, be sure to make the best choice:

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