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a copy of a 27-year-old PDF reader for MS-DOS


Adobe, a North American software developer, want to remove the publication from a security researcher on Twitter, who offers to download the first version of the Protable Document Format (PDF) reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.0, released in 1993 for MS-DOS.

Even at 27 years of age, and used only by onlookers (since any browser can open a PDF more productively and efficiently than the first PDF reader on the market), Adobe wants F- security researcher Mikko Hyppönen Secure, remove the publication, as it is offering “pirated software”.

Screenshot of the Adobe Acrobat Reader information page, 1991, developed for MS-DOS systems. Photo: WinWorld.
Screenshot of Adobe Acrobat Reade, 1991, developed for MS-DOS systems. Photo: WinWorld.

The tweet was published five years ago, in 2016 and reposted by a bot that republishes the researcher’s tweets, when they celebrate their fifth birthday. The reposts were dropped from Twitter, but the original post is still alive. In addition, Mikko’s account has been temporarily blocked.

In an interview with TorrentFreak, Mikko explains that the software should belong to a museum and that he will seek legal help if Adobe proceeds with the charge that it is offering pirated software.

Message sent to Mikko for allegedly offering pirated software, in violation of copyright laws. Photo: TorrentFreak.
Message sent to Mikko for allegedly offering pirated software, in violation of copyright laws. Photograph: TorrentFreak.

“This one [software] it’s old. It belongs to a museum, not a DMCA statement […] The original tweets remain. It is just a link to a website hosted by someone else. If necessary, I will fight Adobe, ”he says.

Who is Mikko Hyppönen?

Mikko is a well-respected Finnish security researcher in the field. Has worked as security advisor for Europol; Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS); HoxHunt; SafeGuard. But since 1991, it is F-Secure researcher, developer of information security solutions, based in Helsinki, Finland.

He was present at Mind The Sec 2020, the largest information security event with a corporate focus in Latin America, organized by Flipside, where he lectured on the main trends and cyber threats, pointing mainly to “smart” devices equipped with internet of things (IoT). Your “Mega Security Trends” keynote is available for free on the Mind The Sec platform.

In addition to being a researcher and security advisor, Mikko has also lectured at several other events around the world, as well as has already volunteered as a counselor, translator and even a curator of malware for the Malware Museum, the Internet Archive.

Source: TorrentFreak.

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