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ClubHouse says leak of 3.8 billion phones is fake


A forum post frequented by cybercriminals is announcing the sale of a database containing 3.8 billion phone numbers allegedly obtained from the Clubhouse, Alpha Exploration Co.’s social audio app that has become fashionable in the US last six months. However, according to the IANS (Indo-Asian News Service) news agency, a ClubHouse spokesperson has already informed the agency that the leak is fake and composed of randomly created numbers: “There are a series of bots generating billions of numbers. random phone numbers,” the spokesperson said. “In the event that one of these random numbers exists on our platform due to mathematical coincidence, the Clubhouse API does not return any identifiable user information [por meio dele],” he added.

The warning about the sale was given on Twitter yesterday, July 24, 2021, by Indian security researcher Jitan Jein. According to independent security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, the allegation of data leakage appears to be false, as the alleged Clubhouse data only contains cellphone numbers without names or any other data. Despite this, the post has been viewed nearly three thousand times by the time this text was completed.


The title of the ad is “The Clubhouse Secret Database is finally available for sale”. It offers a sample with 83.5 million numbers that would be from people in Japan. However, to obtain the sample, it is necessary to make a payment of eight credits – the currency adopted by the forum. In this case, only the forum controller receives this payment, in exchange for creating the download operation.

The description of the data in the ad reads as follows:

3.8 billion telephones (including mobile + landline + private + professional numbers).

The Clubhouse is connected in real time to all users’ calendars, which means that each time you add a new phone number to your address book, the number is automatically added to the Clubhouse’s secret database. Each number is ranked by a score (the score corresponds to the number of Clubhouse users who have this specific phone number in their address book).
With this score we can assess the network level of each telephone number in the world. We can make a national and international ranking of each human being and organization.

A sample is available in my previous post (+ 83.5 million phone numbers – JAPAN)

It will be sold through a private auction on September 4, 2021 (Google’s 23rd anniversary). To participate in this private auction, leave a comment and I will send you the link to participate.

All GAFA and Silicon Valley co use the same phonebook import process. They all collect data about people who are not members of their service. It’s a dangerous violation of the human rights to privacy… They have private data from users who don’t even use the Clubhouse and can rate it.
The GDPR law promises that companies that collect data from non-users will be punished. It’s time to see if the law will sanction the Clubhouse or if it’s just a threat.
According to you, and after reading this, should Google and Apple remove the Clubhouse from their stores?”

Source: CisoAdvisor

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