No Comments sold for $180,000 a look at what else the buyer is doing
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Back in May was sold for $180,000 at Sedo. The domain was brokered by Dave Evanson and owned by Namepros member @TeraDomain of

The new owner has a landing page up that states the website is currently not selling a product. So the purchase may very well be investment related.

The owner also lists other names he owns, they include:

It looks like the owner went out and registered after successfully purchasing They also purchased for $9,888 at Sedo on May 18, 2020.

It looks like some of the other names were acquired privately without a publicly reported sale.

The owner of has a trademark on the term, something they make clear on their landing page. The trademark is for online magazine.

Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Online magazine concerning electric automobiles. FIRST USE: 19960720. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19960720

In a Facebook post a couple weeks ago they wrote,

Nov. 4th, 2020 will either reopen or remain shut down until Americans pull their heads out of their tailpipes. Or, we’ll sell to a European Auto manufacturer, or OPEC and I’ll retire and enjoy listening to people complain about gas prices for the rest of their lives.

Forbes just came out with an article on why Electric Cars are not more popular in the U.S.

From the article:

A big factor is that Americans know little about EVs. A recent study from John Helveston of the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, George Washington University, and Laura Roberson offers some reasons and remedies for the low adoption rate of EVs.

“We…find that the vast majority of respondents were unable to correctly answer basic knowledge questions [about EVs],” according to the the study, “Electric vehicle adoption: can short experiences lead to big change?

Read the full article here

See the original post at:

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